Accomidations Group

During class on the 18th, I was very thankful to be able to work with my group on the Inquiry project. I was especially pleased when we decided to use Weebly to build our website, because I have used it before. My group members are awesome and we fairly quickly figured out what each of our jobs would be and started setting up the site. I am taking care of the High School portion of our project and have been looking at some applications I am familiar with as well as new ones. My classmates told me about the First/Then visual schedule and I plan to try that with a couple of my students. I really wish that my school district was more Apple oriented, because they are more in tune with accomidations for people with disabilities. Our district is going google chrome and they are  really behind Apple in that category. I do have 2 IPads in my classroom that I hope to keep when Chrome comes on board for that reason.



One thought on “Accomidations Group

  1. I am excited to see your presentation. I have never heard of Weebly or First/Then: What do you like about them? How are they helpful? Are they useful for 2nd grade?


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