Readings -May 18th

Children learn best by being exposed to new ideas and being taught how to interact with them appropriately. Simply asking them to abstain from trying new things by saying they are unsafe is an open invitation for them to try it out on their own. Taking risks and trying new things is a great opportunity for children to grow and learn. Being educated about the use of Technology promotes higher level thinking and creativitiy. When students are acitivly apart of the making of boundaries,they are more likely to stay within them.
Cyberbullying- interesting article about how cyberbulling is not as prevelent as inperson bullying. Any kind of bullying is very cowardly and hurtful. Unfortunately “Haters gonna Hate”….
Digital Citizenship is an ongoing lesson for students using technology. Education is the key to positive use of technology. I think that it should be taught and re-taught every school year.
Personally, I need to learn the curriculum and teach it to my students better. Before this class I had not had my students reaching out to others with technology,and I was barely teaching digital citizenship. I realize that my students with disabilities need this education even more so because they tend to be especially vulnerable. I am in the middle of planning this curriculum and will share it with my team.
I liked the 9Key Ps of Digital Citizenship and may use some of those ideas. Giving students the experience of investigating scams to cons so that they can learn how to avoid them and share their knowledge with others is great teaching!
Teen Friendships
My daughter started making friends on the internet when she was a teenager through the “deviant art” website and by playing games. She was and is a fabulous artist who is also a bit of an introvert. She made many friendships through this site, some of who she still speaks with today. I think this worked for her because she was able to connect with people with common interests and this easier for her to do through the internet. A young man from the UK and one from Israel are two that she still corresponds with. My daughter will be 29 this year and she has spoken with and had connections with some of these people for 15 years. She calls them her friends. She has met some of them in person and actually met her current boyfriend through another person she met online. (in person, of course) For her, the internet opened her world in many ways…. and it still does.


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