We be Skypen fools!

This last week for my Service Learning my class skyped with another class which is apart of the Transition Work Program that most of my students will attend after 4 years in my Class. When students have completed four years of high school, they are eligible to participate in the V.O.I.C.E. Program (Vocational Opportunities In Community Experiences). This program is designed for students in the Lifeskills Program who are 18-21 years of age and provides comprehensive instruction and vocational experiences to prepare students for adult life.
To prepare for this Skype session, the students and I brainstormed some questions for the students we would speak with and came up with this list.
– What time do you start school?
– Do you still get to buy lunch?
– What time does school end?
– Do you have reading and math class?
– Where do you work?
– Do you like VOICE?
I had set up the session a few days earlier and my colleague set up an account for his class. We set up a time to connect and I called him. Initially I connected my computer up to the big screen, but when I did that we lost the sound. (GLITCH) So I carried my laptop all around the room for my students to interact with them. We started the session by introducing ourselves to each other and then began asking our questions(each student had one question to ask) My students were very happy to find out that their start time was later than ours and that they could sleep in a bit.(3 in my class will attend the program next year) And I found out that they were actually going to change their times next year to 8-2:30 instead of 9-3:30. (Our school starts at 7:15 AM!)We found out that they can still buy hot lunch, (including Pizza), they do have reading and math class, and found out all the places that the students had jobs (internships). Best of all the teacher of the other class ended the session by saying,”Thanks for reaching out, let’s do this again!”
Aww another connection……next time to set up a camera to capture our images and figure out why the sound is muted when I plug my laptop in…


3 thoughts on “We be Skypen fools!

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with Skyping another class! I’ve seen a lot of tweets about class Skyping and wonder what it would be like. My Inquiry Group is working on Global Connections and this is definitely a tool that can be used to connect nationally and globally!

    Where is the class you Skyped with located?


  2. I think that this is such a great example of tech supporting broader learning goals. Your students can begin to imagine themselves at this new place. They know that their questions are valid and will get answers. They learn to plan ahead about what they need and want to know. And the technology just supports all of that. I really like picturing this day in your classroom.


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