Service Learning 5/8

Because my students have learning disabilites, I have to move slower and repeat myself alot. So even though I keep thinking that I am far behind, I need to remind myself that my kids can only absorb so much at a time. So in other words we have not started blogging yet. It is a process….
This last week I have worked more on my website and set up student accounts that are password protected. I made a faux student site to see how it looked. I added more hyperlinks to learning websites with links using pictures instead of words. I had my students watch a video that explained what a blog is: and put it on my website so that they can watch it again at their leisure.

I showed them the class website on the projector screen. The students thought the site was pretty cool! I next had them to go to our classroom computers(only 4 currently working) and log on, look at the site and save it on their desktops.

They used google chrome as the browser to look at the site, but when they saved the icon to the desktop it was “Explorer”. Another investigation is in order to figure out why it did that!(perhaps a conversation with the school tech guru is in order).

Once they all get into the website, I will have them use the webpage to access the other programs and applications, which is much more organized and user friendly.
I have created a class on for my students and have usernames and passwords for them to start. They simply log into
and enter in the user name and passwords that I have for them and start building their sites. We will have 1:1 chromebooks next year so that we can all access the sites at the same time.

I have also set up a Skyping session with one of the classrooms from the transition program we have in our district. It is the program that my students will attend after their Senior year. It is a vocational program for students who are 18-21. We will compare and contrast our classes via this Skyping session! I will let y’all know how it turns out next week!


One thought on “Service Learning 5/8

  1. I think Patience is a very good trait to have when implementing technology. Especially, if kids are struggling with it only way to make them learn it is by sticking with it. That is a cool video of explaining what a blog is and I think it can certainly nudge them to explore blogging. It’s a;ways tough with lack of resources to implement these projects but I hope it works out well. Good luck!


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