Service Learning

So my website is coming along, but I feel like I am soooo slow… I tend to jump into things and then have to go back and figure out how to make things work the way I want them too. I plan to publish it this week and have the student accounts set up. I didn’t want to publish it until I understood it better and it was more organized. I know it shouldn’t be so scary, but it is…
I did figure out how to hyperlink text and pictures! I was able to add the links to my page and all students will need to do is click them and go to the learning site. I am so excited! (It’s the little things after all..)
I also introduced Skype to my students and a couple said, “Oh I use that all the time”. I said, “Humor me”! We skyped with another teacher in our school via my lap top. It was really fun, she was great! I have been working on getting another Life Skill teacher from a different school to Skype with us this week. Before we go out to the world, we want to start local and then branch out.
I have set up accounts for them on my school Website. I have written a permission form to send home with them and then I can have them set up websites and blog from them.
I am working on figuring out how to view student blogs and monitor them easily from the website….


2 thoughts on “Service Learning

  1. This is so exciting and awesome! I think it’s great to hear everyone is trying out new things/ digital tools to teach and use in their classroom as oppose to just reading and learning about it! Your test run of Skype sounded fun and successful, and your Weebly page looks great! I love the clean and simplistic look for its purpose.


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