Connected to Learning

I read Chapters 1 and 3

We all want our students to be engaged in the learning process. As a High School Special Ed. teacher, some of my students are tired of the same old paper pushing routines. They cannot read or do math at grade level because of their disabilities and get frustrated. One thing that they all enjoy is Technology. Integrating technology into the special education classroom is needed in many ways. As I delve into more and more aps, I find myself learning with them.
Honestly, the transition into the technological world has not been a piece of cake for this teacher lady. I am working on it! But I know that it will give my students the tools and skills that they need to do the best they can when they go out into the real world. Differentiating instruction in my class is like juggling 6 different kinds of apples. Teaching Applications, differentiate instructional levels and some of them even track progress (my favorite).
I have students who cannot speak, augmented speaking devices and aps such as Proloquo2Go and LAMP have given them a voice. I have students who cannot see and also have autism who use Switch2Scan devices to open up their world and give them more control over the applications they use. They are becoming connected.


I have to admit that I was one of those people who thought that all this technology got in the way of actual socialization. I liked how in Chapter one of our text, socialization is shown to be strong within the classroom, and students are helping and learning from each other. In our own BEDUC 566 class, students have collaborated more than most of the other classes I have taken!
The word and the world
I am starting a blog forum for my students and want my students to connect with others in meaningful ways. I myself am new to blogging and am really enjoying it! I admit it, I love getting comments and Likes! The magazine project outlined in the text is a great way to inspire students to write and build character at the same time. So empowering!



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