April 28 BLOGGG

I enjoyed learning about Padlet during Speed Geeking. I want to use it to do a report type of project. I think that this AP would be much more engaging than the powerpoints I have had them do. I proceeded to download the padlet Application and get an account. The email message I received from them said that I was beautiful! Padlet is now my favorite! I do think that much more can be accomplished by paying for the upgraded version, but I want to play around with it before I commit.

The other Speed Geeking session was about QR codes. Wow! So cool! I love using scavenger hunts with my students and would love to make one using QR codes. I am wondering how we could use the codes for lessons out in the community. I also liked how a simple poster report could use a QR code to either show a video of what was presented or even better a recording of the student’s voice talking about the report.

I have the best book circle group. We all worked together to get our movie done. We had a few technical issues with our microphone and a few other problems. But, with a bit of patience, humor and determination we finished the project..Whew! And did not get a parking ticket……


4 thoughts on “April 28 BLOGGG

  1. No parking ticket! Yeah!

    Your goal to “play” is exactly spot on. And if you’re reading class blogs, you’re seeing teachers also having kids play around also, because they are often pretty good at figuring things out.

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    1. There are 3 different upgrades that you can buy. Padlet Backpack which is geared towards schools and provides extra security and all kinds of stuff is the one I would be most interested in. (30 day trial–$45 for the year)
      Padlet also has an option for individuals and businesses. Like I said, I need to find time to check out all my options before I commit, but I think I will do the trial!

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