Service Learning

I met with our schools resident tech guru on Thursday. I wanted to talk to him about the website I was building and he totally convinced me to use something other than google….Now I have started on a new site using Weebly, which will work better for me. Here I go again. He taught me how to Skype and we found out that there is a lot of feedback if you try to Skype close together… I have been practicing using Skype all weekend, driving my friends crazy, I’m sure.
He also introduced me to google hangout, which is kind of like Skype but is more like a chatroom that you need to be invited to and can see each other and can come and go and hangout with peeps. I am going to introduce skype this week to students, but the blog will have to wait until I get my new site up and running and published, hopefully next week. Another exciting thing I did was meet with another colleague who showed me the application that I am going to use for Speed Geeking. It is called Read and Write for Google Chrome. I am going to present it this week to our classroom staff and have them practice using it before I present it to the students. It will also be good for me to practice showing it to someone else before I present it to our class.


One thought on “Service Learning

  1. Wow! You got a lot done with your tech guru! Weebly is a good tool. Let me know when you have your URL set up!

    Read and Write is great — glad you’ll be demo’ing it.

    With whom will you be skyping?


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