Book Circle-Connected from the start

Connected from the Start –Chapters 4-6

I was glad that the author broached the subject of internet safety and a copy of a permission slip for students to use the internet. But, I was sad when I went to the link and the page was no longer there! It is extremely frustrating when I expect to see a page and it no longer exists. I think that I will just tweet her about that!
Kathy has a way of checking out kids blogs before they are published, I want to figure out how to do that too having a Central teachers hub and having students blog from it.
I was also worried about the extra time and effort it would take to blog, but the explanation that Kathy gave about just spending your time differently put my mind at ease a bit although there is definitely some transition time between the two at first.
The idea of a digital portfolio is exciting. It would be so great to have a running record digitally of their improvement documented so accessible and easy. I love the idea that Kathy puts what the child means to say in brackets when they are unable yet to write so that it is understood. Just because they cannot write it yet does not mean they have nothing to say.
Kathy does some super cool things with her interactive whiteboard, wish I had one. The class composes twitter messages together with it. The link about twitter has also been helpful for this new twitterer.

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4 thoughts on “Book Circle-Connected from the start

  1. I am so glad I picked to be in this book circle. I love the way Cassidy writes her book and how easy it is to read and internalize it. I wish her links worked also. Did you happen to Tweet her yet? I was talking to my Principal about students blogging and he has two major concerns. One is that they are not linked to the School District that I work for and the school I work out. I think that is possible if I make my own page and not link it to where I work. But his other concern is random people in the world posting obscene comments on the students pages.He asked if I could see the blog posts before the student could. I am unsure about this I told him I was sure there was a way depending on the platform. What do you think? I know on Facebook you can change your setting to see posts before you allow them to be seen by others. I am hoping there is an option for this. I like how you mentioned the part about first grade writing and sometimes you can’t always make out what it says but Cassidy breaks it down for us. I taught first grade so I can read their writing for the most part.


  2. I did tweet her and she answered back quickly. I think that i re-tweeted the link on the tweet line. See if you can find it there. I was so excited to get her response, I can understand how kids would be so excited to get comments to their blogs! Cassidy says that she reviews each bolg her students write, but I don’t know if I she (or I) could preview the blog posts from others. Try and tweet Cassidy! (and then let me know) I need to investigate this further.


  3. You absolutely can moderate comments on any blogging platform and on many of the kid blog sites, teachers can approve kid posts before they’re published also. Can you find more information on this by clicking around in the comments and privacy sections of the different platforms?


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