Inequality of access to the internet is a growing concern as it becomes more essential to everyday life. It is becoming impossible to apply for jobs, get information, do homework, and even make contact with businesses without internet connectivity. People that I know who have limited technological knowledge are being left out of many experiences because they are intimidated or do not feel that they have the time or ability to learn it. For instance, one of my students (18 with intellectual disabilities), was adopted by some wonderful people who are now pushing 70. They did not grow up in the digital age and do not own a computer, can’t afford one and have no interest in learning how to use one. Their son uses our computers at school and has a phone (dumb phone), but his access to the internet is severely limited because of his parents lack of knowledge and economic status.
My school district is aware of the problem and is trying to help people become more connected by giving refurbished lap tops to low income students, but it is not enough. Next year my school is going 1:1 with Chromebooks, which will be of more support for students.
The two articles that we read this week delve into who has the most access and who does not. It is no-brainer that the people who have the less access are of the lower social-economic community.
I thought it was interesting that in the article, Ed Techs Inequalities,that how technology is used can also be unequal. “Research suggests that computer usage in higher income schools promotes creativity and higher level thinking while in lower income schools it is used for drill and kill exercises.”


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