Service Learning-2

The book, “Connected from the start” by Kathy Cassidy has given me some good ideas for my service learning project. I have never had a teacher website and it is time that I made one. I want my students to learn how to blog and become more engaged in technology. The best way to organize all the tech. items would be to make a website which students could access to share their blogs, check the calendar and hook up with learning links that I will post. It all sounds great, so why have I never done this? I have felt totally intimidated by the process of creating a website.
So here I go………I started setting up my own site using my google account from school. I set up the name and played with a few themes and colors and make a few pages, Blogs, Learning sites, Calendar, announcements. I really don’t have it looking the way I want to and need to spend more time learning how to set it up correctly.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on if using Google to set up a website is a good idea or would another one be easier?

I may need to reach out to our tech. person at school for help. I plan on doing more research to have it looking better before I share it out. I then plan on teaching students to set up blogs and learn to Skype with another class across town. I have never Skyped before either, so it will be another research project for me. This week I will introduce my students and Myself to Skype!
I will introduce them to blogging once I get my Website in order.


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