Book Circle -Connected from the Start

Chapters 1-3

I like how this book is so easy to read. The author, Kathy Cassidy says that she is not a technical person and that if she can integrate technology into the classroom anyone can. This gives me hope. I am definitely finding that I need to get caught up on the vocabulary of the technological world. In the book Kathy has a link to common craft which has some excellent readymade videos that explain so many terms and more. In class people talk about embedding, RSS and other terms and I have no idea what they are talking about. These videos are easy to understand and have visual representations that even I can understand. As I continue reading this book, I am becoming less intimidated. I have never Skyped either. Kathy and her students explain how they use Skype in the classroom and how they have learned so much from expanding their lessons to other classes around the world. They have built relationships with other people and learn about each other’s differences and similarities. I want to set up an account with another Life Skill teacher and see if we can Skype between our classes to begin with and then build on that.
Creating a classroom blog is another thing that Kathy did with her class. I also want to do that with my students! ( ooooh blogging tools too!) I think I may be becoming a bit of a tech nerd…..
I am so excited that this book is geared towards people who are newbies. I am finding this book to be an awesome resource!
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