April 12th Reading

Using technology as a tool was a discussion that I enjoyed reading. At times I have felt compelled to use the software that was installed on my classroom computers even though I did not find it useful.
Our district tech committee got together and decided that Special Ed. should have certain programs. However, this decision did not include all Special Ed. teachers input and there was little to no professional development attached to the programs.
Next year our high school is going 1:1 with Chromebooks and my hope is to be able to use aps that are useful tools to support what I am teaching.
Three Act Math
Math was not my favorite subject in school. (Although I enjoyed it in college.) I am a visual learner and when math concepts are paired with pictures and video, I tend to understand it better. I think it may have been possible that if I was taught math using multiple modes of instruction, pictures, auditory, hands on, that my ability to understand would have improved.
I am always tweaking and differentiating instruction for my students and it would have been nice if some of these videos were geared for lower grade levels. My students would benefit from this kind of instruction presented in a simpler way.

Facing History and ourselves is a very interesting site.
There is so much information to go through. I love learning about history and believe that learning about the past effects the future. The topics are so complex and thought provoking. If I was teaching these subjects, I would look at this site as a resource that I might use to add to a unit or lesson plan. Teaching what is happening today in the world to what has happened in the past historically should be impactful for students. For example the immigrations from Syria and the immigrations at the turn of the century could be linked to provide interest and comprehension. One of my student’s is taking a General Ed. World History class in which instruction is modified and he has a peer mentor in class for support. He needs to read a book about William Shakespeare. I decided to read the book to the whole class to support him and bring some history into our classroom too. Today we read about the play he wrote “The Merchant of Venice” which has some anti-semantic overtones.
Certainly one of the most characteristic and troubling aspects of The Merchant of Venice is that the depiction of Shylock reinforces the stereotype of Jews as money- hungry and greedy. This stereotype has been around for centuries, and continues to be perpetuated today. Having students learn about some of the historical roots and causes of anti-Semitism, as well as some of the extremely deadly consequences of this hatred, gives them a background for learning about the holocaust as well as current issues.
# A History Geek


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