Service Learning Blog

As I head back to school tomorrow after Spring Break, I am pondering what I will do for my Service Learning project. I have been checking out some Text to Speech Applications which I plan to use for my Speed Geeking session. I plan to introduce the applications to my students this week and in a sense we will learn how to use them together. Their opinions of which applications they find the most useful will give me some excellent data for this project.
After reading about SAMR and even before that, I know that I am not using or teaching technology in the classroom in a way that enables my students to reach out to other students. The idea of the students being able to collaborate with other students is so cool. Because my High School students read at a k-2 GL, I really did not consider this a possibility. I am now thinking that with the Speech to Text and Text to Speech aps that it will be possible. I need to look into this further and see if they could start their own blogs and find out how they can connect with other students. I plan on meeting with our schools Tech guru to see if I can come up with a plan! Stay tuned! #serviceLearning


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